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Rock of Recovery with Angie Meadows

This show highlights developmental emotional maturity skills to work through anxiety and fears associated with a chaotic world.

We will learn thinking skills based on the Word of God and not on fickle emotions.

1) Dealing with Anxiety

Our internal voice can be noisy. Learning to recognize our internal voice and take dominion over what it is allowed to say is a place of safety. Our world isn’t safe or kind. However, we can always be kind to ourselves and to others. This does not mean we are lazy, passive, or an excuse maker. It is quite the opposite; we will develop intentional awareness of our thinking patterns that drive our anxiety. If we have anxiety and no internal voice, we probably have stomach issues and other chronic aches and pains. Non-thinkers will need a safe place and safe people to help trace the breadcrumbs back to the lies they  believe that cause the intense feelings of anxiety. This does not mean we will never be anxious, it means we will observe our anxiety and develop the skills to move through it and enjoy our day. Follow along as we unravel emotion.

2) Anxiety Quotient Quiz

Emotions are blind. Today we will learn how to recognize our anxiety. Anxiety places us in the sympathetic nervous system. This is our fight, flight or freeze response. If this part of our brain is turned on constantly, no wonder we are suffering and exhausted emotionally. Let us examine our emotional, mental, physical, relational symptoms of anxiety and our corresponding dysfunctional behaviors and a few things to do to avoid this trap

3) Emotional Roller Coaster

Stop the roller coaster and let me off. A quick fix leads to another problem or a different crisis. Avoiding the hard work of recovery is usually only a temporary fix or temporary relief. Running or avoidance is impulsive and only stops anxiety for a moment. Lasting resolutions come from stepping out of dysfunctional, exaggerated and immature emotions and building lasting character changes through intentionally training your emotions and taking control of your life. Today we will recognize Addictive Thinking Traps and analyze what seeds we are sowing and what harvest we can expect to reap. We will end with an intentional character development plan.

4) Obsessing vs. Trusting

 Rock of Recovery is a Christian addiction/enabling recovery series. This lesson teaches us how to turn our worries into prayer. We will learn to recognize obsessive, anxious, and trusting prayer and practice a meditative Scriptural prayer to find lasting peace. 

5) Helpless/Victim Mentality

Principle: You can take authority over your thoughts. We will identify the smaller parts of yourself that fall into a helpless/victim trap and develop a stronger part to nurture, guide and instruct all those little parts. Identifying our helpless behaviors and discipline our thinking is a Developmental Emotional Maturity Skill.

6) Prison Camp of Anxiety

Anxiety captures you in the bondage of suffering. Stop being your own enemy and build your identity as a warrior! Reign in your passive thinking.

7) Anxiety vs Trusting

Emotional resting is intentional. It is the opposite of anxiety. Resting is a maturity skill. Let anxiety remind you to find a quiet place to trust. 

8) Dishrag vs. Steel 

There is a mentality that repeats itself over and over without resolution. This feels like a wet dishrag. We are soaking up all the spills around us good or bad. It is time to learn to discern what we will and will not allow in our minds. When we let the truth of God’s Word shape right thinking, we are steel.

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